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The month of March and the first quarter 2021 of the S&P 500

Date: 06/04/2021, Reports

ONE SIGNAL closed March with a plus of 8.40% and the first quarter with a plus of 10.70%, thus outperforming the benchmark index.


January Impact

Date: 12/02/2021, Reports

There is an opinion in some circles that the course of the entire year on the US stock markets can already be judged after the first month (January). We have taken a look at this statement and summarized our observations on it below.

The Month of November 2020

Date: 07/12/2020, Reports

November is one of the months that fall in one of the more pleasant phases of the year.

The Month of September

Date: 12/10/2020, Reports

Mehr Licht als Schatten II.jpg

More Light than Shade II

Date: 17/07/2020, Reports

Even if every situation has its historical peculiarities...THAT one never changes.

Mehr Licht als Schatten I.jpg

More Light than Shade I

Date: 16/07/2020, Reports

The month of April 2020 was a particularly profitable month on the stock markets...aber.

Chart 1H 2020_Deu.jpg


Date: 03/07/2020, Reports

The first half of 2020 was overshadowed by a single event and its consequences - Covid19.

Sell in May_Tabellen_Deu.jpg

Sell in May and Go Away III

Date: 18/06/2020, Reports

For the short time of three months, a considerable yield could have been achieved. On top of this comes a comparatively extremely low volatility.

Sell in May_Tabelle1_Deu.jpg

Sell in May, Part 2

Date: 17/06/2020, Reports

If you let the numbers speak for themselves....

Sell in May_Chart_Deu.jpg

Sell in May? Part 1

Date: 17/06/2020, Reports

An old truism of the Stock Market that keeps everything boiling...


April Fools III

Date: 28/05/2020, Reports

When the euphoria takes over, we take a step back ...

April April II 1 of 1.jpg

April! April! 2

Date: 28/05/2020, Reports

The month of April 2020 saw one of the strongest gains in over 80 years.

Screenshot 2020-05-31 at 15.45.55.png

April Fools I

Date: 28/05/2020, Reports

April 2020 was probably a historic month in terms of stock market performance.

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THE WEEK 19.04. – 23.04.2021

Date: 25/04/2021, Blog, News

Last week, the S&P 500 was marked by small negative shocks, which were historically however quite moderate.

Chart Woche 12.04 - 16.04.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 12.04. – 16.04.2021

Date: 18/04/2021, Blog, News

ONE SIGNAL was able to end the week with a gain of 0.40%, thus closing the seventh consecutive week in positive territory.

Chart Woche 05.04 - 09.04.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 05.04. – 09.04.2021

Date: 11/04/2021, Blog, News

ONE SIGNAL achieved a return of 2.24% last week and 14.80% year-to-date.

Chart Woche 29.03 - 01.04.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 29.03. – 01.04.2021

Date: 04/04/2021, Blog, News

ONE SIGNAL closed this week with a plus of 0.43% achieving a brilliant result for the month.

Chart Woche 15.03 - 19.03.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 15.03. – 19.03.2021

Date: 21/03/2021, News

The S&P500 ended the week down 0.76%. ONE SIGNAL consistently delivered long signals, apart from Thursday, and posted a weekly gain of 1.97%.

Chart Woche 08.02 - 12.03.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 08.03 – 12.03.2021

Date: 14/03/2021, Blog, News

After a weekly gain of almost 2.50%, ONE SIGNAL achieved an annual return of plus 9.34%. In comparison, the S&P500 rose by 4.75%.

Chart Woche 01.03 - 05.03.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 01.03 – 05.03.2021

Date: 07/03/2021, News

One loser of the week was the S&P500, ending the week with -1.91%. Smart traders closed the week in the green with a plus of 2.75%.

Chart Woche 22.02 - 26.02.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 22.02 – 26.02.2021

Date: 28/02/2021, News

Despite the difficult week, ONE SIGNAL is far ahead of the S&P500 with a +6.25% year-to-date, which has not given buy-and-hold investors much joy with a +1.25%.

Chart Woche 16.02 - 19.02.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 16.02 – 19.02.2021

Date: 21/02/2021, Blog

The unexpected rise in the unemployment rate and the emerging inflation fears intensified investors' anxiety to such an extent that they could no longer put other negative news into relative terms. ONE SIGNAL delivered long signals during the week, however lost only 0.27%.

Chart Woche 08.02 - 12.02.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 08.02 – 12.02.2021

Date: 14/02/2021, News

ONE SIGNAL delivered long signals all week except Tuesday and closed this week one more time with a plus of 0.89%.

Chart Woche 01.02 - 05.02.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 01.02 – 05.02.2021

Date: 07/02/2021, News

ONE SIGNAL delivered long signals for the entire week and got the market movement right every day. Smart traders made a profit of 2.95% last week. This brings ONE SIGNAL's year-to-date gain to 6.93%.

Chart Woche 25.01 - 29.01.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 25.01. – 29.01.2021

Date: 31/01/2021, News

At the end of January, passive investors lost 1.34% in the S&P500 and ONE SIGNAL gained +1.50%.

Chart Woche 19.01 - 22.01.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 19.01. – 22.01.2021

Date: 24/01/2021, News

In the past, ONE SIGNAL proved to be a reliable companion especially in volatile market phases.

Chart Woche 11.01. - 15.01.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 11.01. – 15.01.2021

Date: 17/01/2021, News

After the stock markets had risen to new highs, investors became more anxious, so that the stock indices couldn't stabilize.

Chart Woche 04.01 - 08.01.2021.jpg

THE WEEK 04.01. – 08.01.2021

Date: 10/01/2021, News

ONE SIGNAL_Smarter Trading delivered long signals all week and achieved a plus of 1.09%

Chart des Jahres 2020_2'.jpg

The Year of 2020

Date: 07/01/2021, Blog

With a spot landing of +50.00%, ONE SIGNAL_Smarter Trading has delivered far above average performance.


Date: 27/12/2020, News


Date: 20/12/2020, News

Chart Woche 30.11 - 04.12.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 30.11. – 04.12.2020

Date: 06/12/2020, News

The prospect of a political calm causes share prices to jump

Chart Woche 23.11 - 27.11.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 23.11. - 27.11.2020

Date: 29/11/2020, News

The good news outweighed the bad news. ONE SIGNAL kept pace.

Chart Woche 09.11 - 13.11.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 09.11. - 13.11.2020

Date: 15/11/2020, News

The market closed, as it opened the week, ended up trapped in mutually neutralizing sentiments - greed and fear.

Chart Woche 02.11 - 06.11.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 02.11. – 06.11.2020

Date: 08/11/2020, News

The S&P500 was by far the weekly winner this week, the only loser of the week was the US T-Bond. ONE SIGNAL closed the second week in a row with a positive result of 2.17%.

Chart Woche 26.10 - 30.10.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 26.10. – 30.10.2020

Date: 31/10/2020, News

Last week was influenced by two triggers that caused the S&P500 to suffer losses. ONE SIGNAL closed the week with a gain of 4.38%

Chart Woche 19.10. - 23.10.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 19.10. – 23.10.2020

Date: 25/10/2020, News

The stalemate in the negotiations over the stimulus for the US economy caused a certain amount of uncertainty among investors.

Chart Woche 12.10 - 16.10.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 12.10. – 16.10.2020

Date: 18/10/2020, News

Despite a wealth of uncertainties, the S&P500 drew only a small number of votes. ONE SIGNAL closed the week in the black

Chart Woche 24.04 - 28.08.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 24.08. – 28.08.2020

Date: 30/08/2020, News

Some sentiment indicators crossed the exaggeration zones. ONE SIGNAL positive for the week. ONE SIGNAL delivered a plus of 1.46% for the week and a plus of 43.42% for the year.

Chart Woche 17.08 - 21.08.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 17.08. - 21.08.2020

Date: 24/08/2020, News

ONE SIGNAL and market psychology in lockstep

Chart Woche 27.04 - 14.08.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 10.08. – 14.08.2020

Date: 16/08/2020, News

No significant changes within the market sentiments

Chart Woche 27.07 - 31.07.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 27.07. - 31.07.2020

Date: 02/08/2020, News

Many events and much confusion!

Chart Woche 20.07 - 24.07.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 20.07. – 24.07.2020

Date: 27/07/2020, News

Gold at it's all time-high...and the markets' numbers?

Chart Woche 13.07. - 17.07.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 13.07 – 17.07.2020

Date: 19/07/2020, News

Surprising and sustained positive news last week caused a cautious optimism.

Chart Woche 06.07 - 10.07.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 06.07 – 10.07.2020

Date: 13/07/2020, News

Against this backdrop, the S&P500 rose by just under a percentage point, followed by gold and oil.

Chart Woche 29.06 - 02.07.2020 (002).jpg

THE WEEK 29.06. – 02.07.2020

Date: 06/07/2020, News

A short, but successful, week lies behind us.

Chart Woche 22.06 - 26.06.2020.jpg

THE WEEK 06.22 - 06.26.2020

Date: 29/06/2020, News

Uncertainty about another epidemic wave should continue to set the tone for next week.

Chart Woche 15.06 - 19.06.2020.jpg

Week June 15th to June 19th, 2020

Date: 22/06/2020, News

Spotting only positive characters on our chart is a rarity.

Chart Woche 08.06 - 12.06.2020 (002).jpg

The week 8.06.20-12.06.20

Date: 14/06/2020, News

Bad news and nervousness dominated the markets last week.


The first week of June

Date: 08/06/2020, News

The rally continues with ups and downs...

Chart Woche 26.05 - 29.05.2020.jpg

The week 26.05-29.05.2020

Date: 31/05/2020, News

The hope of a V-shaped recovery in the economy is spreading.

Chart Woche - Chart  18.05 - 22.05.2020.jpg

Indesisiveness on the sidelines

Date: 27/05/2020, Blog

The markets are torn...

Chart Woche 11.05 - 15.05.2020 (002).jpg


Date: 16/05/2020, Blog

ONE SIGNAL closed the week with a profit of 2.47% and had so far the fourth best week year to date.

Chart der Woche 04.05 - 08.05.2020.jpg


Date: 10/05/2020, Blog

ONE SIGNAL closed the week down 0.41% while the S & P500 narrowed the gap by another 4.00%.

Chart Woche 27.04 - 01.05.2020.jpg


Date: 04/05/2020, Blog

Nevertheless, there has been a yield of 41% since the beginning of the year! In comparison, the S & P500 has lost just over 13% since the beginning of the year.

Chart Woche 20.04-20.04.2020.jpg

Making History

Date: 24/04/2020, Blog

Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 13.36.05.png

Date: 16/04/2020, Blog

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